Meet Roger

rogerRoger was one of the first dog that I ended up working with. His owner and brought them in because she was frustrated that she was unable to control his hyper energy. She figured that maybe doing some agility work would end up getting him to be tired and more disciplined.

When I first met Roger he was about three years old. Use a beautiful golden retriever. Seriously, he was one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever met. The owner said that she had gotten them off of Petfinder, which I found quite surprising since beautiful dogs like him are not often on there. I don’t know what owner would not have wanted him.

Roger was pretty quick to learn all the basic dance moves. We usually start off by having the dog it very comfortable on their high mics. We do this by dangling a treat above their heads. After about 30 repetitions, the dog will usually end up getting the command.

Next, we end up having the dogs to a spinning routine. We do this by dangling the treat above their head again as we did before. Instead, we also spin the tree around in front of their face. This forces the dog to have to turn in order to keep their eyes on the treat. This usually isn’t much of a problem is dogs absolutely love treats. Very rarely will they ever take their has off the prize.

I worked with Roger for about three months. It was truly a pleasurable experience. As he could see, he absolutely loves dancing.

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