Meet Harold and Jimmy

harold jimmy

I never trained to dogs at once before. So when the owner approached me in order to do this task, I was a bit worried. I didn’t know what it would be like to train two at once. Normally, training one dog at a time is hard enough.

However, when the dog owner told me how much he was going to pay me, I knew I had to take it on.

I was going to be teaching a pair of twin Australian Shepherds how to dance. As you all know, those are very very energetic dogs. However, there are also very intelligent dogs. I knew that if I was gonna be able to find their motivational secret very quickly I went to have much of a trouble training them.

Luckily for me, the dogs were very very motivated by food. Whenever dog is motivated by food, makes my life so much easier.

Harold was the quicker of the two to learn the initial stand up on their hind legs. For some reason, my money was on Jimmy. I sure lost that bet.

But, as training progressed, Jimmy actually performed a bit better than Harold. I’m not sure why this is, given that they should be at the same development stage in their lives.

There was a bit of aggression problem when they were both competing for treats at the same time. At one point I had to put them in our dog crates. Luckily our dog crate supplier, Best Dog Crates and Beds, hooked us up with some sturdy dog crates. We were able to wait it out until they both calmed down and then we resumed our training.

Seriously, if you haven’t ever used a dog crate before to train your dog, you really need to. It made the process of training our dogs so, so much easier. Whenever the dogs were super out of control, we put them in their dog crates and they settled down. We didn’t use the dog crates as punishment, but rather a place where they could feel safe.

Safety comforts dogs, especially hyper ones. By placing them in their dog crate, we were able to provide the safety that they needed. From now on, I am so going to use a dog crate every time I need to train a dog. I highly recommend that everyone else buy a dog crate and use it for training too. You won’t regret it!

Needless to say, the end result was the exact same. Dogs were able to dance by the end of our training.

I heard back from the owner a couple months ago and he was very delighted with the results. He said that both dogs were very well behaved in 10 attire themselves out much quicker. This reduced the owner stress and he said that was well worth the money. I’m glad I was able to have another happy client.

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