Meet Bubbles

BubblesWhen I met bubbles, I had no idea if I was can be able to train her. She was an absolutely off-the-wall very hyper Chihuahua. I had never met a dog this energetic in my life.

What’s more confusing, is that the owner was an 80-year-old Irish man. I had expected that this dog would’ve along to a more energetic person, such as someone in their early 20s. Little did I know it would belong to a very energetic 80-year-old Irishman.

It was actually a blast training the both of them. I don’t know who had more of a good time, bubbles or the owner. The owner would always mimic all the moves that I was doing. It was kind of charming.

Bubbles learned the initial training fairly quickly. It was hard to get her to concentrate at times. I learned very quickly that she wasn’t motivated by treats. Very rarely will you find a dog that is in motivated by food. Instead we found that bubbles was motivated by socialization.

This actually worked out better for me, as I was able to save a lot of money on treats.

I worked with bubbles for about four months. It took a little longer than Roger, but that’s because bubbles was much younger and much more energetic. However, I will say that bubbles actually learn to dance much much better in the very end. It was a pleasure working with them and now I have more challenges like bubbles in the future.

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